1992 was a big year.  I learned to operate a printing press, was taught how to solidly bind sheets of paper and board, and established an unhealthy love for the smell of inks and solvents.

Twenty years, one teaching credential, and three children later, I am back at it in my own studio, with my own presses, and slightly less toxic press cleaning liquids. Born and raised in the Bay Area, I’ve happily called Oakland home for the past eighteen years, having spent the previous thirteen in San Francisco. 

Random word-salad personal stats: I am half Assyrian (Shlamalokhoun!) and French, and I speak Spanish and English, and can say four words  in Russian, I teach, and my three kids are 16, 16, and 18, my husband and eldest kid are trans and non-binary, I love pomegranates, mac and cheese, operating long press runs, mixing ink, hiking in the forest, and run-on sentences.