Patchwork Oakland

First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth to buy books and cards and to say hello. I appreciate your business and had a great time meeting you. The event was really fun, and as always, ran smoothly thanks to the organizers Nicole and Delilah.  Putting together a multi location show takes a tremendous amount of work. 


Besides being able to sell my work, my favorite part of the day was a chat I had with a gentleman during a brief lull. He came to my booth and picked up a business card. He pretend-glared at me  and shook his head as he ran his finger over the deep impression of the text. He was a pressman years ago. I get this from old timers and it makes me crack up every time. The letterpress process was never intended to create such a deep impression on a substrate. Doing so would ruin your metal type. With the advent of photo-polymer plates and the general public's demand for a piece that 'feels' handmade, printing deep impressions are pretty much the norm these days (at least for business cards, invites, and such).  We talked shop and joked while his wife shopped for jewelry across the aisle. He even told me he had a lead on a good quality and low priced Kwik Print hot foil stamp machine.

The coming weeks are packed and I promise I'll post links to the events Pickypockets Press will be at.