Coptic stitch binding

Sept. 28, 2019 10 - 2 pm

Richmond Art Center

Richmond , CA


Learn to sew this beautiful and very flexible book structure. The front and back boards are covered individually and lined with a sheet of paper almost to the edge. Signatures (sections of folded paper ) are sewn directly to the cover and subsequently stacks and sewn together. Because this is a more complex process we will be focusing mainly on the stitching process. All materials will be pre measured, precut, and ready to go. This is a fun class that requires patience and some fine motor dexterity. If you have some limitations with the steadiness of your hands, please reach out so I can make adaptations for you. No one should feel left out of a class. ( I am a magician with task adaptation if you give me a heads up )

sewn boards binding

November 2, 2019 10 -3 pm

Richmond Art Center

Richmond, CA

sewn boards.JPG

This structure resembles a traditional hard cover book. The spine is covered and the overall structure is very durable. What is different comes from the way the covers are created. Instead of creating a separate ‘case’, the front and back covers with spine, the cover is incorporated into the sewing process. There are many many slightly different ways people create and teach this process. My method incorporates many of these. Your finished book is delightfully soft to hold yet definitely ready to be a sturdy drawing and writing companion,