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If you need beautifully custom designed and printed paper goods, please read on!

I provide letterpress printing for invitations, coasters, social stationery, packaging, business cards, and anything else you can imagine. I can even print small runs on fabric!

What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress printing involves pressing a raised and inked image / design against paper leaving a slightly debossed impression.Many letterpress printers utilize photo-polymer plates for printing. These flexible and strong plates can take the shape of just about anything you can draw or design on your computer.

Do you have a minimum number of pieces for an order?

No minimums, however, letterpress print work is very process and labor heavy. Setting up the press for each pass (and that means each individual color), mixing inks, and adjusting the pressure are things that take time. After you have spent some of of your budget on this part of your project, wouldn't you like to have as much finished work as possible? Your price per print will decrease incrementally when your total order increases.

What I need from you:

Every project starts with an inspired idea. Your initial inspiration can be a color, a shape, or a general theme. I love visual brainstorming and find [Pinterest] to be a great starting point with clients who are beginning to craft their design ideas. We can email, telephone, and meet in person if you are local.

I have my designs ready for you to print:

Fantastic! Here's an overview of what I need:

Adobe Illustrator is my vector drawing preference. Your file must be created using a CMYK space in your design program. All elements in 100% Black. (K 100%)

All text must be converted to outlines. Take care with type smaller than 6pt.

For your two or more color designs, please print separations using spot colors (Pantone) or CMYK separations.

Line weights no less than .25pt

To learn more about how to prep your files for letterpress, please read this from Boxcar Press.

What are my paper an ink color choices?

I custom mix my inks so pretty much any color you can imagine is at your disposal.

I am currently updating my stock paper. Stay tuned for info.

I need a custom bound book.

Custom binding is priced by the job. No jobs are the same.