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If you need beautifully custom designed and printed paper goods, please read on!

I provide letterpress printing for invitations, coasters, social stationery, packaging, business cards, and anything else you can imagine. I can even print small runs on fabric!

What is letterpress printing?

A brief history:

Letterpress printing involves pressing a raised and inked image / design against paper leaving a slightly debossed impression. It is a very elegant process, the machinery is beautifully simple. In the past, printers set individual pieces of lead type along with wood cuts, or metal plates, to create a finished piece. If you would like to learn more about the history of letterpress, I reccomend visiting this site for lots of useful information.

These days, many letterpress printers utilize photo-polymer plates for printing. These flexible and strong plates can take the shape of just about anything you can draw or design on your computer. Setting lead type is an art into itself as almost all of the type is I still utilize handset type but prefer to polymer plates.

Do you have a minimum number of pieces for an order?

No minimums, however, letterpress print work is very process and labor heavy. Setting up the press for each pass (and that means each individual color), mixing inks, and adjusting the pressure are things that take time. After you have spent some of of your budget on this part of your project, wouldn't you like to have as much finished work as possible? Your price per print will decrease incrementally when your total order increases.

What I need from you:

Every project starts with an inspired idea. Your initial inspiration can be a color, a shape, or a general theme. I prefer to brainstorm online using [Pinterest]. After our initial conversation about your project I will create a board with inspiration and ideas for different aspects of the piece such as colors, typefaces, cshapes, and general layouts. I will invite you to share this board with me so you may add to it as well. If Pinterest isn't for you, I'm happy to compile screen grabs of elements and email to you.

Do we need to meet in person?

Nope! No need. But if you are in the area I would reccomend it. Sometimes nothing beats being able to touch paper samples. However, this process can be completed online and via telephone.

How long does it take?

Depending on the press schedule, printing your job should take one to two weeks to complete. Often times jobs are completed sooner.

I want to submit my own design for you to print:

Fantastic! Here's what I need:

Ideally, you will send me a your illustrator (.ai) file. Make sure you outline all your text. It is very easy to miss small elements of text. Check and check again. Your file must be created using a CMYK space in your design program. All elements in 100% Black. (K 100%)

For your two or more color designs, please print separations using spot colors (Pantone) or CMYK separations.

Skinny jeans, yes! Skinny lines, no. Please ensure that the width of your lines, for illustrations and text, are no smaller than .5pt wide. Take care with digital brushes with thin tapers ad these will not plate correctly, thus adding more time and money for your job.

Press ready, please! When I receive your file I will look through it make sure the design is a good fit for letterpress printing. For example, you want to try and design with balance. The process involves pressing a plate flat against the paper. If half your design is very heavy and complex, but the other half of the plate has three small characters 'floating' , obtaining correct pressure will be more complicated, take longer to print, and end up costing you more of your budget. Another thing to watch out for are designing large fields of solid color. Letterpress is an over-achiever at line art. But confronted with, for example, a 3x3 inch square of solid ink coverage, your results will be quite inconsistent, some might even say splotchy or salty. Please feel free to put me in contact with your design department so I can assist them on file prep. To learn more about how to prep your files for letterpress, please read this from Boxcar Press.

Wait! I even made my own printing plate. Can I use that, too?

Absolutely! I am more than happy to use your plates. Please note that you assume responsibility for the quality and 'print-ability' of your plate.

**Can you design for me?

Yep! I have a flat fee of $200 for most project designs. If the project is more complex, my hourly design fee is $65.

What are my paper an ink color choices?

I custom mix my inks so pretty much any color you can imagine is at your disposal.
For your paper, I carry two lines, French Paper 140# (for a smooth finish) and Cranes 'Lettra' 110#, which is a velvety pillow-like stock. Both are in soft white. Depending on the size of your project, I may have other color / brand options available. I can access many other shades as a custom paper. Special fees may be incurred for special orders and your time line may be slightly increased.

I need a custom bound book.

Custom binding is priced by the job. No jobs are the same. Here is one example of a popular item; the wedding register book. A 40 page exposed stitch, cloth covered book with foil stamped names will typically cost no more than $125.00