Surprise! I get very little work gets done during the summer months.  Entertaining three kinds on the cheap (no camps) is just as fun as it sounds. That said, we have just forked over $450 to send 2 of our 3 kids to day camp. For three days. I love living in the Bay Area. Summer has not been a wash, though. Actually, we've had lots of fun. Took a family trip to Texas where I picked up an illustrated dictionary of Texas language and some fantastic 1979 Child's Encyclopedia Britannica volumes. Yes, I completely butchered them in my hotel room with an annoyingly dull Swiss army knife so I only took home the pages that I wanted.)  We also saw family, swam, drank lots of iced tea, and enjoyed the heat.

Right before leaving I nearly completed a major house rearrange. Our twins have always shared a room and have been begging for their own spaces. In order to accommodate their request I moved our bedroom into my workroom, moved our eldest to our old bedroom, and moved Georgia to Lily's old room. Now everyone has a place to show off their collections.  Making space for a bedroom / studio has forced me to really think twice about the amount of crap that I accumulate. Raw materials are only useful when visible and organized. That said, I've tried to go cold turkey off my usual haunts. (East Bay Depot and SCRAP SF)  Same goes for free piles, library book sales, and generous offers from friends.

I'm excited for September! Besides school being in session again, the San Francisco Center for the Book's Steamroller Festival is happening again! Ridiculously fun event with lino-cuts, construction vehicles, and fabulous vendors. (myself included)

My etsy shop has, for the longest time, not reflected my actual inventory. Producing things is more fun than photographing, listing, and promoting things. Hopefully, in a few days I will have listed everything I have. Really, there's so much stuff hidden away)



Featured in an Etsy treasury!

I forgot to add these to my blog. So nice to see people interested in my work.

Where have I been?

Hey! I'm on Instagram. (finally!) These days I've been staying in touch with folks via social media.

You can find me here on Instagram and here on Facebook. I do have plans to make this blog my main hub for communicating about my business and about the craft of binding and printing. I am moving to Squarespace soon and can't wait to design from their templates. So beautiful! Stay tuned!


Annaphoto (1)



More custom work from 2013

My my! The new year has arrived bringing simplicity, joy, and big plans. Somehow though, while all that was developing, I neglected to share some projects I worked on last year. Here are a couple of them: Wedding invitations, place cards, program, and guest book for Kimberly and Andy: They are wicked smart, hilarious, and happily married. Here are some of the paper goods I made to help them announce and organize, and celebrate their wedding.

kimberly invite name cards grouped name cards single program DSC_0175


I also printed this business card for an amazing  local designer. This was, by far, the most ambitious project. Each card needed four runs through the press. The stock was extra thick Cranes Lettra. Simultaneously a joy and a pain to print on.


Fixed and found card


A few pictures from last weekend's Celebration of Craftswomen

What am amazing three days. Here are a few pictures from the event. I did not have too much time to take pictures because I was busy talking to folks and sending them home with my books!


Fall back!

I hope you all remembered to set back your clock. You win an extra hour of sleep! Most people do not forget to do this because of the inherent 'sleeping in' benefit it gives. Now that you've reset your clock, its time to think about where you can find me this November.  I have been most neglectful to my blog but will do my best to make up for that during the next few months. In five days I will be showing at the 35th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen! This three day show features over 100 talented female artists and artisans. This is by far the largest indoor show I have ever done. (as evidenced by the requirement that all artists bring their OWN lighting and flooring, and walls! Seriously. I am unsure as to how they let me in to this one, but I am so excited! (and nervous)

Saturday, Sunday AND Monday (Nov 9 -11)

General info about dates, times, and location. I am located in both 129, tucked snugly in what I believe is the south east corner of the pavillion. The map says there is a wine bar near my booth. Hooray!

Sign up to follow this blog and like my facebook page and I will send you a printable postcard giving you a discount on admission!

craftswomen poster

Roadworks 2013!

A little late on the broadcast of this great event but tomorrow is the tenth annual Roadworks Printing Festival, put on by the San Francisco Center for the Book. This event is so much fun. There will be printmaking and book binding demos, children's activities, craft vendors, and, a Giant Steamroller printing Giant linocuts. This event is not to be missed. The 10th Annual Roadworks: Steamroller Printing Festival will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2013, 11:00am-4:00pm on Rhode Island Street in Potrero Hill between 16th and 17th Streets.

Now, since you have decided to come out tomorrow,  don't forget to stop by my booth to get your fill of stickers and brand new journals and sketchbooks! These are new designs which feature letterpress printed covers in a variety of styles. I'm very excited to begin the season with this event!

Wedding Books

A couple weeks ago, I bound two books for a friend's press in Santa Cruz, Enframing Press. They had been asked by their client, for whom they printed wedding invitations, to print pages for a register book. The printers designed and printed the cover sheets and the text pages and I got to do the rest. Because I assumed (correctly) that they planned to print single sheets , not folios, I decided that an album binding would work beautifully.

Honestly, I am not sure exactly what this binding is called. What I did is take two sheets and fold each an inch on the foredge. I then slipped them together creating a single sheet folio. Please correct me if you know the actual name of this binding. I learned this structure about 18 years ago from my boss at a book bindery. Its a great and practical structure. You don't have to worry about printing on huge sheets, plus, the folded fore edge allows for the book block to accommodate photos, etc... without swelling. Genius!

For the overall structure of the book, I opted to do an exposed spine /  coptic stitch. This allowed the printers to create a nice cover that I could glue onto book board, again, without them having to print on a giant sheet of paper that would have been required for a fully case bound book. Coptic stitching is a nice way to sew pages together. I like it especially for albums with stiff paper and not too thick a book block.  Unlike a case bound book, the spine is only comprised of stitches with no other strengthening materials. It can get a little too wobbly for my taste if you try to make it too big.

A very fun project! I look forward to doing more of these. BTW: if you are planning to have a Big Event, whatever it may be celebrating, it is so nice to have a book available for people to write you good wishes, advice, draw pictures, etc.  When I got married, I bound a large blank book and left it on a centrally located table for guests to write in. I love looking through it to this day, nearly seventeen years later and remembering all the special people who helped us celebrate our wedding.


New wedding invites!

This past week I finished up a set of wedding invitations for another local couple.  She is from NJ and he from Oakland. They were really interested in a theme that represented  their two backgrounds and also one that was not too traditionally 'wedding' (flourish-y script, etc..).  The final design came together fast and both of them offered creative input for the project. All in all, a really fun project for a charming and fun couple. grouped

An hour or so before I had planned to meet the bride to deliver the work, I decided to construct a simple case to hold the cards. The form is quite simple, just a single sheet folding fortified with chipboard. I can't come up with a word to describe the structure so I'll just say that the cards stack in the center, all four sides fold in together, a pair of tabs slide inside the other and the top folks over, secured with a 'paper lock' and waxed linen thread. The 'lock' is made of some leftovers from the print run.  I must say that it looked nicer than the plain brown kraft paper I wrapped it in initially. (Although it was wrapped quite nicely). I would like to make more of these to present to clients.

bridsges latch

Details: Finished size 5 x 7", qty: 100, Cranes Lettra 110# Pearl white, Black and custom blue oil based ink.


Patchwork Show!

Instead of spending Mother's Day weekend doing what I love, working in the garden and hanging out with the kids (while trying to convince them that working in the garden IS fun) I spent my Saturday and Sunday working two shows. Saturday's show was a neighborhood show featuring the works of the Glenview neighborhood. It was a friendly and relaxing show.  There was a wide representation of ages and media present. I met an 87 year old woman who painted the most exquisite flowers I'd ever seen. I also got to hang out with some good friends who were also exhibiting. Sunday morning, after I ate up a plateful of homemade beignets from the kids, I went to Jack London Square to set up for the Patchwork show. This show seems to be growing nicely and I was happy to participate in it. Extra bonus was that I was able to switch booth spaces on the fly to a much nicer one that had way more light. I also inherited two fabulous booth neighbors who kept me in good company all throughout the day.

anna at her booth



Oh! there was also a photo booth. Not analog, sadly, but it was surprisingly good. Here are a few we collected. Thank you Magnolia Photo booth for coming out and taking pictures of us! IMG_0730IMG_0715anna at patchwork

New wedding invitations

I just finished a set of wedding invitations for a local couple who found me through the farmers market I sell at. They were an absolute joy to work with and came to me with a postcard that inspired them, from there we worked together to come up with these. Details: Letterpress printed / black ink on Stonehenge paper in 'kraft'. Envelope is custom die cut with custom digital printed liner showcasing a map of the neighborhood that they live in. Mounted on the back of the invites is a digital print inspired by the vintage postcard of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge that sparked their interest.


close up oaklandgroup shot close upjoyfulgroup shotinvites stack


I am the proud owner of a gallon jug of Jade 403 PVA. Yes, it might be strange to get happy about glue, especially if its the kind you can't get s buzz off of. But this stuff is the bomb. Super strength, permanent , yet beautifully flexible, what more could a girl want?


Weekend plans?

So, I'll be at the Temescal Market again this Sunday. I've got some new stationery designs that I'll be showing off (think wood grain and ledger paper!). So , come on down and say hi, buy some more stationery, and pick up a free sample from me!

After you go to the market, hop on the train or get in your car and get your tush to the San Francisco Public Library for the monthly meeting of the SF Correspondence Co-op! You can meet other people dedicated to creative mail writing/sending, actually write some letters, and show off the fabulous new stationery you bought from Pickypockets!

You need plans for tomorrow.

Hey there. Yes, YOU! What are you doing tomorrow? Nothing, you say? Well then, I have a great idea. Go to the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland. There will be exhibits with fire, water, kettle corn, lemonade, and Popsicles, and new stationery, books, and stickers from Pickypockets!

I just got back from the site and learned that my booth is located near the kettle corn, Popsicles, and lemonade. This may turn out to be a really good thing.

PS: here's a secret code that gets you 15% off tickets you buy online tonight until midnight. [PICKY  ] Click here to get tickets.

See you tomorrow!