Happy New Year

The new year greeted Oakland with blue skies, sun, and some porch warmth. A beautiful beginning to a new year that I trust will bring good things. On to business - I filled out an application to get a CA sellers permit. One of the questions asked was how much monthly gross income I estimate. Even the two digit amount I entered seemed laughable. However, it could be an easily reachable goal if I put myself up to it. Because, guess what? All this is up to me (to generally quote several motivational advice booklets). If one can ignore the insipidness of this statement and just take the words at face value, there is truth to it. If you,say, wake up one morning and decide that what you'd rather do instead of teach in a badly run public school system is sell handmade books, printed goods, and the like, and you have another grownup with an actual job helping to feed you plus the three elementary aged kids living with you to further justify not having a go-to-it-and-get-paid job , then you can do it. If you believe that the things you make have value, both practical and aesthetic, then there is no reason not to put oneself fully forward in the process.

That said, I have been avoiding all things related to website, blogging, and etsy listing. Instead of regularly updating my blog, photographing products, and listing them, I have been madly creating and producing in order to avoid the former (see below). This does leave me with piles of finished goods that no one can see because I have been very busy avoiding getting them online. This has got to stop. And hopefully it will. Because if it it true that if you want to do it, then you can, then the opposite is also true. If you choose not to do it, then it will not happen.

**The pictured stationary set is one of my favorite new products. I am so in love with the graphics of the envelope lining paper that I may even marry it. Turquoise, orange, pink, and black 4-ever!**

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