Photographing multiple one-of-a-kind products.

I have spent (wasted) the past 45 minutes trying to capture the essence of a pile of 1.5" round pieces of paper with adhesive on the back. And it's driving me insane.  I consider myself to be a decent amateur photographer. I have a nice camera and plenty of natural light. However, this current project is not showing me any love. It's tragic.  I mean, they're stickers for Christ's sake. Just snap off some frames and be done with it, right? Wrong. Because I have followed my bliss and use old book pages to make many of my paper-goods, each one is different. Because of this, how do I show buyers what they're going to get? My first attempt was simply a 5 sticker strip laid across a colored sheet of paper. After that, I tried hanging them from a mobile. Then, I attempted to artfully arrange some single stickers around a letter sealed with a sticker. Finally, I got so frustrated that I tossed all of them on to my work table, tidied up a bit, and started shooting. I think the best shots came when I simply held the camera over the pile and shot without looking through the viewfinder. Who knew. Not stunning, but I think it's workable.

(I love stickers. When I was in elementary school I had a magnetic photo album filled with hundreds of collected stickers. We had puffy stickers.., some with googly eyes, "movable stickers" (made from lenticular prints), metallic, Wacky Pack, and my friends and I would spend nearly every recess sitting on the ground deeply engaged in sticker trading.)