Returning after a weeks vacation

Last week was spent not printing, binding or sewing. Instead, I relaxed with family visiting from PA. Not listed in order of importance are just some of the things that happened:

1. My dad and I went to a local library book sale and I left away with a staggering amount of beautiful musty and lovely books. My favorite finds? A handful of religious tracts, published by the Knights of Columbus. Here are a few.


2. My beautiful niece Stephanie and my mother in law spent the week with us. During the visit, Stephanie turned 20. Her older sister created a series of tasks she had to complete on the eve of her birthday.


3. We also all trekked over to The Children's Creativity Museum (formally known as 'Zeum')  Our favorite activity there is the claymation studio where you can createfigures from modeling clay that star in their own stop motion video.

4. My eldest daughter turned 11.


5. I did a fun little project for the San Francisco Center for the Book. Folded inside the Spring catalog was a large flier, relief printed on thin Japanese paper with metal and wood type. The instructions were to turn it into something else and then post on their Facebook page. I probably could have been more imaginative but it was fun nonetheless.

6. I got a close-up attachment set for my camera! Yes, you get what you pay for. I do, however, think that the set will serve me well  until I'm clever enough to find a macro lens that doesn't cost $500.00. The picture below is of a black walnut, sanded and polished. I wish that I was able to capture more than 4% of its surface in focus.