Content, please.

I have an ability to make nice things that hold other things. Words, objects, etc... What I have little daily practice in is creating content to fill these things. I really do have so much to say (just ask my family). Somehow, though, putting my thoughts and opinions in word form directly out to the public intimidates me. Now that I think more about it, I have created many many small books but they are all in the hands of the recipients I made them for. And, because I made them all for people I was trying to impress / woo, they are inappropriate for public consumption. If you are one of the people who has a beautiful handmade trinket detailing how much I love you, hang on to it. I might be famous some day!

That said, I have decided to create a handmade book that contains words and/or images that I can put into the hands of people I do not know. So, dear seven readers, I will post the results of this self imposed challenge in one week.

Below are some small books made by artists that have inspired me. Two of them I actually own: How Are You? by Lisa Hasegawa, and Talk to a live nude girl by Molly Barker. The rest I have either seen in galleries, websites, or books about books. I used to have more but have given them to friends who I thought would enjoy them. Back in the early 90's I exchanged artist books with about 15 classmates in a course taught by Mary Laird at San Francisco State University. Some of them were quite remarkable. Sadly, they have been gifted to other people. I can't even remember the names of the people who made them! I really should stop giving things away so easily.

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