Recycled religious booklets.

Before I start, I need to state that I was raised with 5% religious teaching (and that only came from the Jewish Community Center's preschool and after-school program). Both my parents left religion long before they met and had a family. So I don't have a deep understanding of the bible or Christ's teachings.  My personal belief is that everyone is right, conversely, no one is wrong. I know, it looks like I have absolutely no personal belief about religion. I guess my biggest beef with organized religion is with the fervent belief that there is only one explanation for the beauty, greatness, ridiculousness, and mystery of life on this planet. I am equally annoyed with people who discount a theory solely because it comes from a religious text. Last week I found myself at a library book sale with my dad and found a pile of old Catholic pamphlets. I love ephemera from all parts of society and thought these were especially cool because of their strongly worded opinions right on the covers. Seriously, what is wrong with Bingo? My father in law ran Bingo at his church for more years than I can count. It raised money for the church, people had fun, whats not to love? And, would Christ call you a Christian? Not sure I even need to answer that. People treat one another terribly based on trivial differences. Christ would be mortified.

Because I loved the covers and because I still haven't come up with my own concept to share, I took out the insides of the booklets, refilled with nice smooth paper, chain stitched by hand, and added a strip of book cloth along the spine to help the new notebook remain intact longer (these booklets were well loved in their past life). Oh, I also rubbed a little Renaissance Wax on the covers to further increase the chance that they last longer. And I rounded the corners because all corners must be rounded.