Learning about product photography

I stole these from my daughter's candy box she brought home from school today.  'Hold Hands'? 'Wink Wink'? Does anyone else think that this is weird? Teaching myself how to photograph small things using fake studio lighting is tedious and gratifying, and fun! Here are a couple of things that have helped me take better pictures; these  inexpensive set of screw-on magnifying lense, and this amazing instructable on creating your own cheap light box/tabletop glamor studio from a piece of paper, some Blu-tac, and a frosted plastic storage bin (plus some lights and a camera of course!).

The pictures below aren't mind blowing.  They are, though, much better than the ones I had taken before I learned how to use a light source other than the sun.

My next task will be to learn about different types of lighting and improve what I'm presently doing. I also need to work on product styling. I consider myself pretty good when it comes to packaging individual items. I 'get' color, texture, and proportion most of the time.  Arranging things to be photographed is much harder than I thought.


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