A book for a Diane!

I've been having so much fun writing and receiving mail for the past few months. I've got a pen pal from England, New York, Alameda, and Oakland! One new pen-friend (who is also a mom of one of my kids classmates) gifted me a huge amount of books last month. Some of which are NOT for tearing up, thank you. Among the haul was a set of reference books for veterinarian students complete with view master reels for each illustration. One reference book for medical students (the human kind) which contained the same view master reels with a bonus portable view-master viewer! Ive never seen anything like that before. So very cool. So, in order to thank Diane I made her a sketch book that almost has the dimensions she requested (almost because I only had 17 x 11 sheets and could not make a 6 x 9" book).

I covered the boards with paged from a Golden Book Astronomy text I had in my shelf and covered the spine with black book cloth. The overall design didn't come out as nice as I expected however the mechanics are nice and functional. Somehow, in the past year or two, I have completely forgotten how to make a case bound book. Truly forgotten. After spending some time accurately observing other case bound books plus the help of this book I feel successful.

Here are some pictures of the book and of the package for her. Note the old cancelled stamps at the top right corner. I dropped the book through her mail slot because I wanted her to have it sooner than the post office would deliver.[gallery orderby="rand"]


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