Three for Tuesday.

1. Redesigned my writing papers with the help of my dear pal, Amity. She insisted that she was not the only girl in the world who would appreciate some simple visual prompts directing her where to fold the paper in order to fit it into the envelope. I also redesigned some packaging to streamline things a bit and create a space where I can spout my opinions and bark orders at strangers.











2. Took a bunch of fabulous-ness to Who's Your Betty, a small independent gift-shop in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood. Yes, now you can buy Pickypockets at a real store. Go there. There is an incredible selection of locally produced goods. Go support them (and me). I neglected to take nice pictures of the things I sent over there but I did snap one to send to a friend.

Small letterpress printed cards



















3. Realized that a real person actually designed my favorite handwriting workbook. Upon this realization, I immediately emailed his design firm asking for permission to possibly reproduce some imagery. Yeah, I know.