It's like rearranging your room, but better!

You will notice that the name of my blog is not Bonpress. This is the name of the template / theme on WP. I can't remember where to upload a new image to cover up theirs.  Maybe if I sit here long enough someone will come over and fix it for me. That would be awesome.

I've been avoiding posting for some time now because my old WordPress theme was annoying. It seemed cool at first but then became clunky. Really though, I've avoided writing because I didn't know what I wanted this to be. Trying to focus only on things related to my business was limiting. What if I wanted to write about what vegetables my kids ate last night? What if I felt compelled to write about the best TV-show-with-a-mind-numbingly-predictable-plot in the world called 'Touch'

So, from here, going forward, this is my blog. Each post will be lovingly handcrafted by me and contain information tailored specifically to any subject I find interesting.  And it's late and my eyes are fuzzy and I'm not sure that last sentence made grammatical sense.

Here are two pictures of my then 7 year old Georgia on our trip to Texas two summers ago.