Memorial Day weekend in Oakland

Vintage Singer 401a  Four days off from school is a lovely lovely treat. Three birthdays; we celebrated 4 years for my little niece, 9 years for our friend Sascha, and 78 for my dad! An impromptu sleepover for Julia and Georgia, several more play dates, and a trail half marathon for Ben. Oh! and there was no police activity in the neighborhood all weekend. Extra thrilling.

And I sold one of my sewing machines for an actual profit. (but not too much to make me feel like an ass).  I just have an well honed ability to spot gems amidst junk.

I also ran face first into a 1943 Golden Book child's dictionary. There was no better option but to allow it to come home with me.  Pretty soon it'll spawn some more stickers and envelopes (because the book is pretty trashed structurally).  I just spent 10 minutes looking it up online and could only find one with a different cover. So, either the one I have is so rare and extremely valuable or it is the cast-off cousin of the real first edition. Most likely, the latter. Nonetheless, I suppose the dictionary gets a stay of execution until I can sort things out. The one on the left is my copy. I cannot locate another copy of this version. The book on the right is the one that seems to be widely available.

Golden Dictionary 1944


One more thing. About Memorial Day. I guess there is no way to avoid conflicts. It's human nature to fight. Whether you have dreamed of serving all your life, been coerced into doing so, or for any other reason, thank you. Your sacrifice is felt.