Surprise! I get very little work gets done during the summer months.  Entertaining three kinds on the cheap (no camps) is just as fun as it sounds. That said, we have just forked over $450 to send 2 of our 3 kids to day camp. For three days. I love living in the Bay Area. Summer has not been a wash, though. Actually, we've had lots of fun. Took a family trip to Texas where I picked up an illustrated dictionary of Texas language and some fantastic 1979 Child's Encyclopedia Britannica volumes. Yes, I completely butchered them in my hotel room with an annoyingly dull Swiss army knife so I only took home the pages that I wanted.)  We also saw family, swam, drank lots of iced tea, and enjoyed the heat.

Right before leaving I nearly completed a major house rearrange. Our twins have always shared a room and have been begging for their own spaces. In order to accommodate their request I moved our bedroom into my workroom, moved our eldest to our old bedroom, and moved Georgia to Lily's old room. Now everyone has a place to show off their collections.  Making space for a bedroom / studio has forced me to really think twice about the amount of crap that I accumulate. Raw materials are only useful when visible and organized. That said, I've tried to go cold turkey off my usual haunts. (East Bay Depot and SCRAP SF)  Same goes for free piles, library book sales, and generous offers from friends.

I'm excited for September! Besides school being in session again, the San Francisco Center for the Book's Steamroller Festival is happening again! Ridiculously fun event with lino-cuts, construction vehicles, and fabulous vendors. (myself included)

My etsy shop has, for the longest time, not reflected my actual inventory. Producing things is more fun than photographing, listing, and promoting things. Hopefully, in a few days I will have listed everything I have. Really, there's so much stuff hidden away)