Sad pinecone print! (plus a beautiful walk in Redwood Park with Ben)

Yesterday I spent some time happily looking through my Pantone book for a nice golden khaki color to print a plate I'd made of a small pine cone. My idea was to print the pine cone in a light-ish color with some text in a deeper color.  . (both because I like light colors and because the image I made the plate from wasn't too great. Maybe it would hide the problems!)

I found a color I liked and did my best to mix up a small batch of ink according to the recipe.  Clearly I am a novice printer and even novice-er color mixer, but what the hell?  My scuffle with transparent white last time paled in comparison to this gloppy, greasy looking mess.

Later, after we hiked up through the damp, we were stopped in our tracks by this. Yes, these are ladybugs. Not pomegranate seeds. 100% surprising and amazing!

After mile 5, I decided I needed to take a shot of something resembling the image I had been trying to print. (and to justify both my spending the day hiking instead of working and to explain the inclusion of personal-life pictures in a blog supposedly about printing and papergoods.) Ok, and here are a couple more shots of things we found on our walk.