New wedding invites!

This past week I finished up a set of wedding invitations for another local couple.  She is from NJ and he from Oakland. They were really interested in a theme that represented  their two backgrounds and also one that was not too traditionally 'wedding' (flourish-y script, etc..).  The final design came together fast and both of them offered creative input for the project. All in all, a really fun project for a charming and fun couple. grouped

An hour or so before I had planned to meet the bride to deliver the work, I decided to construct a simple case to hold the cards. The form is quite simple, just a single sheet folding fortified with chipboard. I can't come up with a word to describe the structure so I'll just say that the cards stack in the center, all four sides fold in together, a pair of tabs slide inside the other and the top folks over, secured with a 'paper lock' and waxed linen thread. The 'lock' is made of some leftovers from the print run.  I must say that it looked nicer than the plain brown kraft paper I wrapped it in initially. (Although it was wrapped quite nicely). I would like to make more of these to present to clients.

bridsges latch

Details: Finished size 5 x 7", qty: 100, Cranes Lettra 110# Pearl white, Black and custom blue oil based ink.