Wedding Books

A couple weeks ago, I bound two books for a friend's press in Santa Cruz, Enframing Press. They had been asked by their client, for whom they printed wedding invitations, to print pages for a register book. The printers designed and printed the cover sheets and the text pages and I got to do the rest. Because I assumed (correctly) that they planned to print single sheets , not folios, I decided that an album binding would work beautifully.

Honestly, I am not sure exactly what this binding is called. What I did is take two sheets and fold each an inch on the foredge. I then slipped them together creating a single sheet folio. Please correct me if you know the actual name of this binding. I learned this structure about 18 years ago from my boss at a book bindery. Its a great and practical structure. You don't have to worry about printing on huge sheets, plus, the folded fore edge allows for the book block to accommodate photos, etc... without swelling. Genius!

For the overall structure of the book, I opted to do an exposed spine /  coptic stitch. This allowed the printers to create a nice cover that I could glue onto book board, again, without them having to print on a giant sheet of paper that would have been required for a fully case bound book. Coptic stitching is a nice way to sew pages together. I like it especially for albums with stiff paper and not too thick a book block.  Unlike a case bound book, the spine is only comprised of stitches with no other strengthening materials. It can get a little too wobbly for my taste if you try to make it too big.

A very fun project! I look forward to doing more of these. BTW: if you are planning to have a Big Event, whatever it may be celebrating, it is so nice to have a book available for people to write you good wishes, advice, draw pictures, etc.  When I got married, I bound a large blank book and left it on a centrally located table for guests to write in. I love looking through it to this day, nearly seventeen years later and remembering all the special people who helped us celebrate our wedding.