Fall back!

I hope you all remembered to set back your clock. You win an extra hour of sleep! Most people do not forget to do this because of the inherent 'sleeping in' benefit it gives. Now that you've reset your clock, its time to think about where you can find me this November.  I have been most neglectful to my blog but will do my best to make up for that during the next few months. In five days I will be showing at the 35th Annual Celebration of Craftswomen! This three day show features over 100 talented female artists and artisans. This is by far the largest indoor show I have ever done. (as evidenced by the requirement that all artists bring their OWN lighting and flooring, and walls! Seriously. I am unsure as to how they let me in to this one, but I am so excited! (and nervous)

Saturday, Sunday AND Monday (Nov 9 -11)

General info about dates, times, and location. I am located in both 129, tucked snugly in what I believe is the south east corner of the pavillion. The map says there is a wine bar near my booth. Hooray!

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craftswomen poster